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Hail Windsor, Crown’d with lofty Towers DanubiaDiscs 2005 CM003
01 Hail Windsor, Crown’d with lofty Towers
Bevan, Covey-Crump, Thomas, Sändig, Sanderson, May, Gammie
Earl of Abingdon 1.33
02 Cupid’s Aria
Bevan, Sändig, Sanderson, Gammie, May
J.P Salomon 2.57
03 Lord Inchiquin
Thomas, Sändig, Gammie
T. Carolan 1.38
04 The Merry Wives of Windsor
Bevan, Thomas, Gammie
Anonymous 1.17
The Vicar of Bray
Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie
Anonymous 1.41
The General Election BBC radio 4
06 Money is your Friend
Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie
W. Shield 1.31
Haydn à l’anglaise Nimbus Alliance 2012 N16174
07 Sailor’s Song
Covey-Crump, Ross
J. Haydn 1.59
08 The Knotting Song
Kirkby, Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie, Ross
J. Haydn 1.45
09 My Mother bids me bind my Hair
Kirkby, Ross
J. Haydn 1.45
Goethe & the Guitar DanubiaDiscs 2002
10 Der Fischer
Kiss, Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie
J.C. Jusdorf 2.00
11 Schäfers Klagelied
Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie
G. Streitwolf 1.15
Haydn and the Earl of Abingdon Naxos 2007 8.570525
12 The Wakefull Nightingale
Bevan, Thomas, Smith, Sändig, Sanderson, May, Gammie
Earl of Abingdon 1.55
13 Platonick Love
Covey-Crump, Gammie
Earl of Abingdon 1.32
14 Gegenliebe
Elliott, Gammie
J. Haydn 1.30
Caf€ Mozart On The Move DanubiaDiscs 2011 DD008
15 Der Rättenfänger
Covey-Crump, Gammie
F Methfessel 1.42
16 Finale “Forster Trio"
Thomas, Sändig, Gammie
J. Haydn 1.40
17 Cherry Ripe
Bevan, Gammie
C. Horn 3.32