About Café Mozart.
Café Mozart came into being in 1985 with the aim of performing late 18th century music – the era of Haydn and Mozart – on period instruments. As “Proprietor” the group's initiator, Derek McCulloch, decided to focus on largely unexplored repertoires, often of the domestic music-making of that time, coupled to the chamber music and songs relating to 'Haydn in England'. These have become the core elements of most of our programmes, performed to music societies across UK, on radio and television at home and abroad, and in our recording projects.

A feature of our programmes are the informal introductions by the Proprietor, explaining the musical and social background to the music performed. These introductions serve to entertain and instruct with a light touch. Unless billed as a “lecture-recital” our events are seen primarily as concerts rather than lectures!

The unsolicited comments by a member of the audience at a recent event summed up what we set out to achieve:

"An unexpectedly magical evening! Early music is not usually a favourite choice of mine, but I was won over by the talented members of the Café Mozart - particularly in their playing of settings by some little-known composers. Many thanks to [the Proprietor] for educating and entertaining us in his highly-regarded wacky way. His scholarly and well-chosen programme, his erudite commentary … all combined to ensure [the audience] enjoyed a most pleasant experience."